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Appraisal Information
7 topics that will help you understand more about the appraisal process and what you should expect during the appraisal process.

Calculator Form
Feel free to use our online calculator form. You can compare loans, payments, taxes etc...

Credit Rating

5 topics that will help you better understand more about Credit Guide Scores and the Credit Repositories. Find out how to order a consumer credit report (fee based).

Down Payments
5 topics that will explain down payments work. They used to be 20%. As little as 3% or even 0% is possible if you qualify.

FHA Loans
5 topics about FHA Loans including why they allow lower down payments and easier credit qualifying. Be sure to check the Maximum Loan Amount for your county.

FHA Programs
Detailed explanations of the 12 different FHA programs. Find out which FHA Program you may be eligible for.

Interest Rates
Detailed explanation of the 5 main types of Interest Rates. May be the deciding factor for you in selecting a mortgage. Find out why it should not.

Mortgage Insurance
4 topics about Mortgage Insurance and when  is required on your loan if you do not have at least a 20% down payments. What is MI, anyway?

Mortgage Loan Programs
4 topics covering various popular mortgage loan programs. There are hundreds of programs, options, and lenders. Where do you start when applying for a mortgage?

Mortgage Process and Application
A complete, printable Residential Loan Application for your review. If you are getting ready to or just applied for a mortgage, don't worry. Here is some info to help you through the process.

Online Credit Report
Check your own credit before applying for a loan. You can obtain a comprehensive credit report in just minutes. And it is secure and private to only you.

Real Estate Value Checker.
Find out the value, tax records and previous sale amounts on any piece of real estate in the United States.

Refinance Information
5 topics covering various options. You have decided to look into refinancing your current mortgage? What refinance options are right for you?

Relocation Information
4 useful topics including easy to use checklists for your relocation.

School Report
Get a free report on almost any public school in the United States. Look up classroom stats, names of teachers and backgrounds on the principals.

Second Mortgages
An explanation of  Second Mortgage. They allow you to get at your equity without refinancing. Should you consider a Home Equity Credit Line instead?

Title Insurance
8 topics reviewing Title Insurance. It will protect your real estate investment. Learn the basics of title insurance.

VA Loan
9 comprehensive VA loan topics including a list of every VA office. Eligible Veterans can take advantage of a no down payment loan. Information provided about your VA Entitlement.